GL-AMMK Products


GL-AMMK provides you motorbike financing on a large scale of product in Myanmar.

Based on GL’s Dealer Network, you will be able to find the motorbike that suit you the most.

  • GL-AMMK supports future entrepreneurs who want to invest in a 3-Wheels vehicle.
  • We provide appropriate financing solutions according to customer situation.
  • GL-AMMK provides loan to customers who want to buy a truck.
  • There are multiple choices offer by our partnership.
  • Contact us by clicking APPLY to get more details.


GL-AMMK Provides SMEs loans as well, helping current businesses to scale up or improve quality of their services / products.

GL Group has significant experience in SME Loans for more than 20 years and will find the best financial solution according to your business.


BGMM, Is a GL Group Branch specialized in Microfinancing. Based on microfinance best practices, BGMM will help people to create their new business thanks to micro loans provided.