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First Fast, & Forward

GL-AMMK’s vision is to become one and only rural area dominator in providing financial leasing services in Myanmar. We also share our Group Lease PCL’s mission to provide finance to potential 2.5 billion customers globally through its Digital Finance Platform.

Who we are ?

GL-AMMK. Is a service company specialized in leasing services in Myanmar We are a subsidiary of Group Lease PCL in Thailand, the leading digital finance company listed on Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) with commercial presence throughout Asia.

What we do ?

We provide the best financial services related to leasing solutions and will help our customers to find the most appropriate financial leasing solutions to meet their specific needs. We offer high quality and high value services to our customers to meet necessity, increase productivity and improve quality of life. To deliver high quality products, we make partnership with market-leading players who can supply such products.

How we do it ?

With more than 35 years of experience in the leasing industry in Thailand, we have developed innovative ideas and efficient practices. We are operating technology-oriented Point of Sales Network and GL Digital Finance Application for GL Agent Dealers at low-OPEX and asset-light basis, enabling fast expansion.